Therapeutic Conflict Resolution

“Attorneys and licensed clinicians working together as mediators to achieve effective resolution of divorce, family, personal injury, education and business disputes.”

We offer a unique approach to mediating disputes involving divorce, child custody, personal injury, business, employment, and family matters. Our process involves mediation with both an attorney and a licensed clinician. The owners of our company have combined professional experience of over 50 years. While both principals have extensive experience in the courtroom, we believe that litigation is an inherently destructive process and should be used, or continued, only as a last resort. We work diligently to end the battle, and to bring resolution and peace.

Why Co-Mediation?

  1. In Co-Mediation the parties benefit from two sets of skills; one skill set from two different professions. An attorney is proficient in the legal process and a psychotherapist is proficient in observation, insights, human development and relationships.
  2. In Co-Mediation there are two personalities in the mediation. The relationship between the mediator and the parties is essential to successful mediation. With two mediators there is a second opportunity to connect and to build trust with the parties.
  3. In Co-Mediation there are two sets of eyes and ears. Eyes and ears pick up on subtle cues and thus give the mediation process the opportunities to observe dynamics and provide feedback.
  4. In Co-Mediation the process is faster and less costly. Two mediators can divide tasks and enhance efficiency, thus reducing the cost.
  5. In Co-Mediation modeling is one of the most effective tools for success. The interaction of two mediators who model active listening, respectful conversations and cooperation greatly enhances the process and potential for a successful mediation.

Our offices are located in Cambridge, Massachusetts; Nashville, Tennessee and Plymouth, New Hampshire. We have other locations throughout New Hampshire.

Attorney Roderick MacLeish has been in senior leadership positions in two national law firms. He has been recognized as one of the top ten “winning” trial lawyers in the country by the National Law Journal. He was the founder and President of the Massachusetts 9/11 Fund, the only charity in New England supporting the families. He has been recognized as a Massachusetts “Superlawyer” by his peers and Boston Magazine. Mr. MacLeish received mediation training which satisfies the Massachusetts Rule 8 training requirements for family mediators. 

Celia Woolverton, LICSW, LCSW has a Masters in Social Work as well as a two year post graduate certificate in advanced psychotherapy from the Washington School of Psychiatry. She is a Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 family mediator and has served as a court appointed Parent Coordinator, and evaluator. Ms. Woolverton received mediation training which satisfies the Massachusetts Rule 8 training requirements for family mediators. In addition to her private practices in New England and Nashville, TN, where she frequently sees individuals and families in crisis, she also works as a psychotherapist at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire.